The Most Famous Races to Ever Take Place for NASCAR at Talladega

Much like any other professional sport, stock car racing has had its fair share of notable and famous races, down-to-the-line finishes that etched their way into NASCAR history. With so many races taking place each year on the pro circuit, easily there are some that can be deemed as more memorable than others. In this post, we will briefly review some of the most famous stock car racing events that ever took place at one of NASCAR’s most famous race tracks: Talladega.

The first stock car racing Event at Talladega: The three Richards – This one easily has earned its place in stock car racing history. Richard Petty was not deterred from putting his roadster on the tracks of Talladega for the inaugural race, even after many NASCAR drivers refused to do so over fears that they wouldn’t have enough tire grip. Notable other drivers who choose to race that day included Richard Childress and Richard Brickhouse, of which Brickhouse earned the win that day, all the way back in 1969.

In 1973, during the 500 event at Talladega – considered by many to be the “Big One” because 60 cars were on the track – a backstretch accident wiped out 21 cars, and another mishap wrecked an additional 19. By the time the race was concluded, there were only 17 cars that were still in the race and in contention. It represented a race that had more wrecked cars than almost any other race in stock car racing history.

Wrangler takes Dale Earnhardt to the top. When Earnhardt and Childress started working together again, Earnhardt made sure to bring along his Wrangler sponsorship.  Earnhardt etched a win by famously passing up Terry Labonte in the final lap at the 1984 Talladega 500—an event that featured more than 65 lead changes that were shared between 17 different drivers.

Rick Hendrick Defines what “Winning” Truly Comprises for Stock Car Owners

How much do you know about famous stock car racing team owner, Rick Hendrick. Most folks know that he owned the cars that were driven in some of stock car racing’s most historic battles on the track. Hendrick also has had more talented drivers on his team than any other owner. As a matter of fact, he is unanimously considered to be the most winningest team owner in the history of this high-octane sport. Test your knowledge with this fun fan trivia, and learn some new factoids about Hendrick that you may not have known about prior.

What pro career did Hendrick turn down? Answer: He turned down an offer to play professional baseball, instead choosing to pursue a college degree.

What was the original name if Rick Hendrick’s racing team, and for extra points, when did he change it to what it is presently named? Answer: It was originally called, and appropriately so, the “All Star Racing” team. However, in 1985 Hendrick changed the name to “Hendrick Motorsports.”

What years did his team drive in famous Cup Races in Riverside, Ca? Answer: in 1987 and in 1988.

Hendricks team won nine impressive Cup Series Championships, but with what famous stock car racing drivers, and in what years? Answer: Jeff Gordon won cups in 1995, 1997, 1998 and in 2001; Terry Labonte won a cup in 1996; and Jimmie Johnson won cups in four consecutive runs from 2006-2009.

Through the year 2009, how many events has his team competed in, how many wins have they racked up, and with how many top-five finishes and poles positions? Answer: Hendrick’s team has competed in more than 2,700 NASCAR Cup Races, he has more than 745 top-five finishes, more than 170 pole positions, and a whopping 190+ wins through 09’.

How much money has the team earned in winnings through the year 2009? Answer: A heck of a lot of money, about: $334,759,939 through 09’ in total winnings.