Stockcar Racing Legends Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Ray Fox?

When you talk about stockcar racing and legends, there is one name that is synonymously associated with its history, none other than Mr. Ray Fox. We have some factoids about Ray Fox that you may not have known about prior. Bear with us as we take ride down memory lane. The legacy of Ray Fox is unquestionable, and it opens a portal into stockcar racing’s past that’s more than half a century aged.

Did you know that Ray Fox ….

  • Actually built the car for Fireball Roberts that he used to win the 1955 classic Daytona Beach Course. But what was he disqualified for later? Answer: Shortened Pushrods.
  • What year was Ray Fox named “Mechanic of the year? Answer: 1956.
  • What car did he build that enabled Junior Johnson to win the 1960 Daytona 500? Answer: A 1959 Chevrolet Junior Johnson.
  • How many races and poles did fox win in 8 years of racing? Answer: 18 poles and 14 races.
  • What famous stockcar drivers raced for Fox? Answer: David Pearson, Earl Balmer, Buck Baker, Fred Lorenzen, Buddy Baker, Cale Yarborough, Fireball Roberts, Leeroy Yarbrough and Marvin Panch.
  • What engine powered the famous Dodge Coronet that Ray built? Answer: 426-Cubic-Inch Hemi-Charger Engine with Four-Port Hilborne Fuel Injection and a 617 GMC Blower. For extra points, what speed records did this car set? Answer: 181.818 mph on a closed course.
  • When did Fox retire from the sport of stockcar racing? Answer: 1972.
  • What year did Fox come back to NASCAR working as an inspector? Answer: 1990.
  • When did he retire for the last time? Answer: 1996.
  • When was Ray Fox officially inducted into the national Motorsports Hall of Fame? Answer: 2003.
  • What club is Ray Fox president over? Answer: Living Legends of Auto Racing.
  • Where does Ray Fox still live? Answer: Daytona, Florida – where else!

Barney Hall Dishes Out His Take on Being a NASCAR Radio Announcer in a Recent Interview with SCR

A name that has been historically associated with stock car racing is not that of a driver, a team owner or even a particular cup series. Rather it’s that of none other than Barney Hall, who began his career of hosting the popular Motor Racing Network all the way back in 1958. We came across a rare and profoundly insightful interview that was conducted by the fan favorite website, and Hall, where Mr. Hall spills the beans on the aspects that have surrounded his passionate occupation.

Hall told SCR that he got his start as a radio announcer back around 1960, when a gentleman named Ted Webb “asked if I would come to Daytona and audition for it.” It ultimately led up to him working his way up the ranks from a PA announcer in 58’ at local radio station to a full time gig as a premier stock car radio announcer just a few short years later.

Most Memorable Moments in Announcing

Having seen more racing than most people, having announced them and being familiar with the drivers, courses and cars, Hall told SCR that there is one moment that truly sticks in his mind. It was that of the “1979 that finish between Cale Yarborough and Donnie Allison when they had the fistfight over in Turn 3. I was working over there in Turn 3 and had a bird’s-eye view of that.”

Lastly, his final thoughts on his prestigious career accolades and being a famous stock car radio announcer: “The one thing that makes me feel like I get by is if I feel like I’m having a good time, the listener’s having a good time. It’s always been my philosophy. When I was a disc jockey, if I entertained myself, I felt like I was entertaining the other people. I guess it works. As an old announcer told me one time, if you can’t convince em’, confuse em’ and it’s worked pretty good so far,” Hall told SCR of his viewpoints on his profession.

You can read the full interview between Hall and SCR Here. It’s well worth reading, too.