Stock Car Racing to See New Female Driver, Johanna Long, in NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2012

Stock car racing is about to see a brand new female face, and no it’s not Tia Norfleet – we already covered her historical moment and branding as the newest NASCARette. This time it’s another record-setter. And man oh man does 2012 seem to be the year for records being set, and prior to the season even getting underway.

Johanna Long is the newest female face that will be gracing stock car racing in the second tier level of the Nationwide series this year, and she will look damn good doing it, too. She just inked a two year deal with ML Motorsports that will put her behind the wheel of a fine Chevrolet Impala, with the no. 70 for the next two years; although we think that this young and talented racer will be in contention far longer than that.

So what is the record? Long will be the youngest female driver in NASCAR ever, and the youngest female driver to race in the Nationwide series. Pretty haughty numbers for such a young stock car racing driver, who started turning heads at the age of 15 when she won at the Five Flags Speedway, becoming the first female driver to do so. Oh yeah, and one more thingy, she also bested one stock car racing pro, none other than Kyle Busch, at the Snowball Derby in 2009.

Now, Long is off to test her wits against pro drivers and well funded teams that often brandish multiple cars on the grueling tandem pro tracks of the NASCAR circuit. But the owner of ML Motorsports who signed her, Mary Louis Miller, thinks that Long is entirely ready for the level of skill it will take to compete at the pro stock car racing level.

“Johanna is a strong driver and a dynamic young lady, and we are excited to have her on board,” Miller expressed of her newest driver in a recent interview with PNJ. “She has a great competitive spirit; we believe she has everything it takes to succeed at the highest levels of NASCAR competition.”

With 24 races under her hat in the truck series, where she showed she had the knack, this young driver is well on the road to a successful stock car racing future.


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