Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) Could See Another Vixen on the Tracks in the Near Future: Supermodel Maryeve Dufault

When you think about the competitive nature of stock car racing – or NASCAR – you think about the grit and might on the tracks. We often think about our favorite NASCAR drivers, how well they will fair in points, won pole positions and race victories, the off season, sponsorships and the always prevalent team changes.

One other thing that sometimes can cross our mind is what new NASCAR drivers will be on the course each year? And for that matter, will some previously unknown rookie driver best the elitists on the course and take home that shiny Sprint Cup?

In a sport that’s been dominated by men for the better part of a century, it’s often relieving and eye-opening to hear about women who are considering becoming pro stock car racing contenders. One such gal – who possesses equal wits and looks to boot – happens to be former Hawaiian Tropic Model, Maryeve Dufault.

In our search today for current and prospective female stock car racing drivers, we stumbled across some news that Maryeve Dufault has her eyes set on a pro career on the NASCAR circuit. But before you cross her off your list of potential new candidates for rookie drivers – and for female rookie drivers nonetheless – Dufault actually has a decently impressing racing resume.

In 2011, Dufault actually turned some heads in the ARCA series, where she showed she had some racing skills with 12 starts and by finishing 10th overall in Chicagoland. Not too shabby for a new driver who was a former supermodel.

Dufault is no stranger to racing, either. She got her start in Go-Kart racing during her youth, as well as in motocross, and open-wheel racing. Now, she is seeking to quell all doubts about her talents by gaining sponsorships for a run in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. She also drove the #81 car for No. 81 for MacDonald Motorsports in Montreal in 2011.

From Hawaii Tropic to Maxim model and now potentially over to NASCAR – we are hoping that Dufault gets a chance to keep showing off her skills, and not just sultry good looks, on the professional racing circuit this year.

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