2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Prediction: Five Drivers to Watch

We are pretty danged excited for the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, are you? With so many promising drivers, it would be very difficult to name the best of the best, or to go into great details about all of them without penning a nonfiction novel in the process of doing so. There are, however, five NASCAR drivers that we think that all avid fans of this stock car racing sport should be taking notes on in 2012. Without further ado, our top drivers to watch in 2012 are as follows.

#5: Kurt Busch will be racing for the Phoenix Racing team during the 2012 season, and has much potential for winning races and being a thorn on the heels of other drivers. With an engine that is manufactured by Hendrick Motorsports, which made the engines for the past six NASCAR Sprint Cup championship teams, Busch has the talents to get it done on the track. We predict he will win at least two races this year.

#4: A.J. Allmendinger should be able to notch his first career race in 2012. With Roger Penske behind him – and a super diligent staff with plenty of funds for a great car and a backup car –

Allmendinger should have the clout to finally notch that win he’s been seeking.

#3: Brad Keselowski will contend for the Sprint Cup title. This does sound outlandish, but Keselowski was amazing in 2011, and is on the well funded Miller Lite Penske Dodge team. With him back in action after a horrifying accident that he survived at Road Atlanta, expect him to go for gold in 2012.

#2: Kyle Busch will still be the subject of AP scrutiny. This topic is getting old, and in spite of what people may think of him, he is still a very capable driver. Perhaps he will stamp out the media banter by notching some impressive wins in 2012; we sure think so.

#1: Jimmie Johnson will overtake Tony Stewart. The 2011 race was very close, but Stewart had a come-from-behind second half of the season. This year, if Stewart doesn’t watch his back, Jimmie Johnson, no stranger to titles, will be hard on his heels to win the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

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